Add Tasks and Expenses to one invoice?

I have a client I need to send a single invoice to, including Tasks and Expenses.

I see a way to “Invoice” in both sections when I’m viewing that client, but I don’t see a way to add Expenses to an existing invoice (if I create the invoice first).

Is this not possible? If it is, how do I do it?

I figured it out. Not super elegant, but it’ll work for now.

FYI… the next version of the mobile app will provide a better solution.

Adding the expenses one at a time is a bit slow, but not the end of the world (I only had 5).

Ideally if the “Add to invoice X” was on the Expenses tab rather than in a single Expense, that’d speed things up considerably if you have more than one.


I am having the same problem. Where did you find the “add to invoice” in the expense edit screen? I am not seeing it in the “more actions” box. I too want to be able to add tasks and invoices to the same invoice. I am using the self-hosted version of Ninja. I need to update to the current version as soon as I get my IP unblocked from forgetting my cpanel login. (oops) Is this ability in the current version?

This feature was added a long time ago, make sure the expense has a client set and the client has open invoices.

Hmmm. . . I created some tasks for this client, created some expenses and applied them to that client. I went to the tasks and created an invoice, then I went back to the expenses to see if I could add them to the newly-created invoice, but I did not see the option to do that. I’ll double-check once my host lets me back into my site. I’m wondering if my order of operations was wrong, and you can’t add expenses to open invoices if they are created AFTER the expense was created?

I’m also having problems doing this. Can it be done?

It can be done, one at a time, not by way of checking all boxes for all expenses or tasks and then choosing “add to invoice such and such” in bulk. Also for expenses, don’t just assign to a client, but also check “billable” during expense creation, or you won’t see the option to assign to an invoice after saving the expense. I have a ton of fuel expenses I assign to my own business that I usually then add to a yearly “invoice” to keep tabs on what my business owes me for such things. But I guess this year, they won’t be added to that invoice unless I want to spend a huge amount of time going through every single fuel entry to ensure a) it’s marked as billable and b) individually assign each expense to the desired “invoice”. Ugh.