add product image to invoice.

hello, is that possible to insert image to invoice by manully? thanks!

We use the excellent pdfmake library to create the PDFs. The library supports adding images, you can see examples on the ‘Images’ tab here:

You could create a custom invoice design with images added to it but you wouldn’t be able to add a separate image for each line item in the invoice.


Reviving this old post because i didnt find an answer anywhere else and i dont want to start a new topic for the same question.

I tried to use to add an image.

For example i created this code:

var dd = {
	content: [
			fit: [100, 100],
			pageBreak: 'after'

Now if i want to add it as an image for an Item, do i paste all this in the “Item” section of the invoice so the image is visible?

Im a bit confused how this works.

Sorry, this isn’t currently supported for line items

Ah… so there is no way to add an image to an item to show up on an invoice?

Not that I’m aware of