Add previous invoices to a project


I just noticed that one can add an invoice to a project which, is very nice. I was previously linking projects with invoices through a custom label in the invoices edit page referring to the project number (which auto-generates); it was a bit cumbersome, since the link was not “through” Invoice Ninja, but rather just a (searchable) note.

I intend from now on to use that link feature, but to make the most of it, I’d like to link older invoices to projects. Is there any way to do that? I can’t find anything in the product/invoice menus, nor when editing invoices. For all I know, projects and invoices can only be linked at the invoice creation! If possible, too, I’d like to know how I can link an invoice to several projects (since I often bundle a bunch of them together on a single invoice).

Any help with this would be much appreciated, thanks!


On the settings tab of the edit invoice page you can select a single project for the invoice.

You can add the tasks from a project to an existing invoice by clicking the plus icon in the lower right corner of the edit invoice screen.

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Aah, thanks so much for the information! I think I may have noticed that field before but I think I could not select projects in it. I think it’s because “sent” invoices behave differently than new invoices or paid invoices (on my end at least, I am currently running v5.5.74). For some reason I could not reproduce that on the public demo (v5.5.71), but I did not run tests extensively on the demo.

For instance, at the moment I have 4 invoices marked as sent. I tested them all and I can’t select a project for them under Settings > Project: the list is blank and I can only type some text to create a new project.

However, if I create a new invoice or pick any existing one with statuses different from “sent”, be it “paid”, “past due”, draft, etc., there is a drop down menu when I click the Project field:

Is this normal behaviour?

Edit: when going through my past invoices from the last two years I noticed some paid invoices that were not showing a dropdown menu either. I can’t tell why some work and some others don’t…

Edit2: I think I get it. The project has to be under the same client as the project client. Quite often I will invoice several clients for a single project, so I guess I was just trying to select a project that was created under another client! I guess overall I’ll still have to stick to manually adding project numbers to invoices in a custom field :slight_smile:

Correct, the project’s client needs to match the invoice’s client for it to be shown in a list.

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