Add outstanding balance to new invoice


Situation - client have made partial payment on a previous invoice and I have marked it as such. I want to bring the outstanding balance to new invoice.

I have two questions:

  1. how do I add the “outstanding balance” to the Totals fields in the invoice design so that the Total in new invoices will automatically add in the “outstanding balance”?

  2. Is “client balance” the same as “outstanding balance”?

Sorry, a bit confused here. Thanks for the wonderful. Still trying to learn all its’ features.

Thank you


  1. You can add the “client balance” option on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Details.

  2. Yes, they’re the same thing.

Thanks for the quick reply. So the outstanding balance is shown under the invoice fields in a new invoice but it does not appear in the Total fields. When I go to Invoice Design - Total Fields, there is an “outstanding” field there but it is not reflected in new invoice. It is only reflected when I email the client the receipt when payment is made.

@david any thoughts?


outstanding is equivalent to balance due, you should be seeing this in the totals section?


No, I am afraid it is not reflected in the Totals section

attached screenshot here

The third item in that list is Balance Due. This is the equivalent to outstanding.

Not sure if I explained the situation clearly before but this is the scenario

  1. I created an earlier invoice for client with two items A - $320 and B $150 for a Total of $470
  2. Client only paid $320
  3. I enter the payment. Now the client still has a outstanding balance of $150
  4. I now need to invoice him for Item C which so happens is also $320.
  5. When I create the new invoice, I want the balance of $150 (which he has not paid) to reflected in the Total section and added to the final Total amount.

In my Invoice design, I have i) Client Balance in Invoice Details and ii) Outstanding in Total Details


The only way to currently manage this would be to insert


Into the public notes section, that would be the only way to show this type of data on the invoice.

OK, Thanks for the reply.

Hi @lonewolf2222:

You request helped me. I followed @david 's suggestion and placed the following in one of my clients Public notes section:

Total outstanding account balance = $client.balance
(Including this invoice.)