Add label to one invoice design, not the others

i want to add the text “d/b/a company name” to the “clean” invoice but have that text omitted on all other invoices. is that possible? i have stared at the customize screen for some time and no clarity has ensued. i added the custom label in “invoice settings” and added it at the top but this seems to carry over for all the invoices not the one selected when i add the label.


It should be possible by using a custom design.

thanks. i am already talking about adding a label to the default invoice so i am aware it qualifies as “custom”. maybe its more clear to ask whether the configurable company “custom fields” can be toggled for different invoices? the documentation is pretty sparse on invoice customization and the custom fields. i am on 4.5.43 and i looked at the .css, .html and .js but saw no way to edit one of the them to NOT display the custom fields. i have spent time with the “invoice template editor” section but even though the custom fields DO show up on the invoice when i add them, they show up on ALL invoices.

if i were hazard a guess, i would say that the variable $accountDetails is being loaded internally from the configuration and then used throughout all the invoice templates. there doesnt seem to be a place to parse the pieces of $accountDetails by the time it gets to the invoice template.

I think you’d need to use a custom design where the $accountDetails variable is replaced with the individual fields/labels.