Add "handling fee" to invoice based on total invoice amount

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I hope one of you guys might have an answer for me :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I would like to add a handling fee to my invoices.
This will be a percentage based on the total invoice value.
Handling fee is 2% regardless.

For example, total line items on invoice comes to R10 000.
Handling fee will be R10 000 X 2% = R200.

The R200 must then be added to the total value payable by the client, thus it will be R10 000 + R200 = R10 200.

I know there is somewhere to add a discount, but no markup or fee based on a percentage.
And is there a way to display this on the invoice as well ?

Thanks in advance!


You can set to the discount to amount or percent but you’d have to use a negative value which may not be ideal. Another option may be to use an invoice level tax?

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Hi hillel,

Yep the tax level seems to be working out. But is there any way to include that on the invoice as a line item or show the amount ?

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Maybe you can use a line item tax instead?

I did try that, however is there a way to change the column name from “Tax” to “Handling Fee” because it isnt really tax.
I’m sure if I fiddle around with the HTML code I might find something

It may work to set a custom label on Settings > Localization

You’re a genius!!! Thanks
Just one more, any chance it will show the calcuated amount instead of the 2% ?

You can change to the tax amount field on Settings > Invoice Designs > Product Columns.

Yep that works.
I found another way as well.

Instead of implementing line item tax, I have the invoice tax enabled.
And under Settings > Invoice Designs > Total Fields, I added the total tax.
And on the invoice I would select the 2% handling fee and now it comes up before the invoice total as I wanted it to.

Thanks hillel ! Much appreciated.
This software really is amazing as to how you can customize it to your needs…

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