Add Custom Field to Invoice Fields

Good Day,

I have created the custom field already with values, the option is available but I would like to display it on the invoice field.

Select the custom field but it does not show on invoice design.
Am I missing something

Which kind of custom field did you create? Is it included on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Fields?

Invoice Settings> Custom Fields > Example

I have one under products which are displayed on the invoice when its generated and that works.

When I got to Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Fields? and add it does not show the Example

You would need to create a custom invoice field for it to appear in that section, product fields are shown in the invoice line items.


I tried that but it still not showing:


Have you tired testing with an actual invoice with a value set for the custom field?

thanks, Hilel, tested now working as it should be.

I like the version 2 update, by the way, checked out the demo, like the quantity units under products,
est release date for version 2

Awesome, glad to hear it!

We hope to have an alpha release ready by around the end of the month