Add Credit Card Button - Enterprise Plan


I’ve upgraded to the enterprise plan and the Add Credit Card Button has stopped working for some reason.

We use Braintree for our token payments and the version is 4.1.5 that you guys are hosting

When trying to replicate I noticed having checkbox/signature authorization enabled on /settings/client_portal prevents the client from seeing the payment form. We’ll make sure it’s fixed in our next release.

Do you have this setting enabled?

Yes I did. Disabling it seems to have worked.

Thank you!

Also would it be possible to capture a users card for a $0 invoice?

We are wanting to offer a free trial and capture their card but not charge it until the following month.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

If the client has a $0 invoice they should see the ‘Add credit card’ button.

I see it on the dashboard but not the invoice page itself.

We don’t show a ‘Pay Now’ button if the invoice is $0