Add both client's shipping and billing address in the invoice

What are the CSS selectors for client’s shipping address and how should I edit the html body to add them to my invoice design?

I had tried …shipping_address1 and …shippingAddress1 but they do not seem to work.


@david can you please advise?

we don’t have built in css selectors for shipping addresses, however you can insert your own div with the following variables:

$client.shipping_address - Full client shipping address block
$client.shipping_address1 - Shipping address line one label/value  
$client.shipping_address2 - Shipping address line two label/value  
$client.shipping_city - Shipping address city
$client.shipping_state - Shipping address state
$client.shipping_postal_code - Shipping address postal code
$client.shipping_country - Shipping address country
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Thanks a lot. It works as expected.