Add a percentage as billing amount

Is it possible to add a percentage as a line item or product code? As an example, when we do estimates, we always add percentage based contingencies because EVERY project ends up including some unknown bit of work…or line items or units go over the budget. This allows us to meet budgets much better because it builds in some breathing room.

This would be a great addition if possible. I’m using a self-hosted version but my wife uses a paid hosted version for her company and she’d also like that possibility.

Chris Blair

Sorry, it isn’t currently possible. We’ll consider it for a future release but we have a quite a long backlog of features already pending.

Understand completely. Just something that is fairly common in other invoicing applications, like QuickBooks and others, which allow you to input your cost for an item then add a percentage markup. So as your cost changes, so too does your invoice price to compensate…or as mentioned in my instance, adding contingency percentages for quotes and estimates. So it’s a pretty common feature in business finance applications.

Chris Blair

I definitely agree it’d be a useful feature, hopefully in time…