Add a Module like Product in Invoice ninja. or have more custom fileds values.

Hello folks,

I am evaluating invoice ninja for a customer requirement. they need a module like product with more fields.

what is best practice : to add more fields in products from DB and rendering it.

(I already created custom_value3 in DB and made changes in file /app/models/product.php ,
APP/ninja/repositories/invoiceRepository.php , strorage/framework/view/productview file

but it’s not reflecting.

creating a Separate module like Product and configuring it in Invoice template.

it would be helpful for me to proceed.

By ‘not reflecting’ do you mean it isn’t showing on the PDF? You’d also need to add it to the invoice create/edit page and the PDF rendering code.

Note: this would be a pretty complicated change.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for prompt response.

“By not reflecting” I mean field is not showing in settings of invoice settings --> product custom fields tab .

there should be three fields now, as expected !

i understand the complexity , just trying to understand the how Invoice Ninja is complex in terms of custom changes required to fulfill client requirement.

Have you updated the invoice settings view?

Can you please tell me the location of file ?

The file is here: resources/views/accounts/invoice_settings.blade.php

FYI… we don’t generally provide developer support.

I found it.

I understand, Thanks for your help Hillel.

just wanted to know what is best, to add multiple fields or to have a separate module like products ?

It’d probably be easier to add multiple fields rather than a module, however upgrading to new versions will be difficult.

Thanks for the Info Hillel.

Invoice ninja is really great Product, hopeful it be more dynamic in coming versions.

Just a Feature request , which would be helpful for others also.

Allow adding dynamic(any number or at least 5-7) custom fields in Product , Invoice and Client fields. and as UI is concern allow only few fields(ie for products : show Product name , Description , and cost only) to show while invoicing , quoting and in PDF format also.

Thanks again for your support :slight_smile: