Activity Log For Viewed Quotes/Invoices

Hi guys - I’ve noticed since migrating to v5 that when a client views an invoice or a quote the activity log shows the admin user as the person who viewed the quote/invoice (myself in this case).

This is a little confusing and wasn’t the case with v4.

Do I now need to create a user account for each client for this functionality to work again? This seems a little more work than the previous version, as I tend to create clients without the need for them to approve invitation emails and the like.

Many thanks


I’m having trouble reproducing this problem, are you on the latest v5?

Yup - latest release.

Are you able to reproduce the problem in the demo?

I just created a client on your test system, created a quote and then opened the client portal for the client and clicked on ‘view’

The activity logs do not show that the client viewed the quote.

The client I created is called ‘Chris Gregson’

If you click view you’re logged into the client portal silently.

To test the activity you’ll need to use the copy option and open the link in a browser.

If I do this on your demo system I’m prompted to authenticate. I do not have authentication set on my own server for the client portal.

Disregard the last update - I copied the quote link to another browser and viewed the quote. If you check the last entry in the activity log you’ll see it says it was viewed by ‘Ms. Missouri Johns etc’ which is the user assigned to that client.

So it appears that I must create a user for every client for the ‘viewed status’ to work correctly

Not sure why but I’m not able to reproduce this problem, I see the client name not the user name in the activity.

It may help if you can post screenshots showing what you’re seeing.