Activity disappears when client accepts quote

When the client accepts & signs the quote via the button. The activity log disappears, can only see a gray window. I want to see the activity that the client accepted / signed the quote

Using webbrowser & version v5.5.37-C99 & white lable licence.

Another problem, (already posted this in: Incorrect "viewed" user in Activity - #14 by jellevankraaij)
When i send an email with the quote, i use $view_button to display a button inside the email.
When the client clicks on this button in the activity windows of the quote my own name is logged as activity for the view?

Thnx alot

sorry changed the topic name, because i forgot i replied on an old thread alread, know the seccond question is leading


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into it.

Hi, thnx for the quick support!

Of course, happy to help!

For the second issue it’s possible it will help to update to the latest version of the app (currently v5.5.45).

i will go update it, for the first question, is it supposed to remove the activity when a client approves & signs the quote?

If you’re seeing a gray area it sounds like a bug.

i updated to 5.5.45, and the issue with the activity disappearing did not go away, tried making a new quote as well, same issue. The issue with the wrong user logged in the activity is still in the new version as well.

Ok, thanks for the info!