Activating payment gateway in self hosted install

I am in the process of setting up V5 of IN to ultimately migrate my v4 data. I am using docker.

I am currently stumped on how to set-up my payment gateway (Eway Rapid) in v5.
I can see there is an entry in the gateways table in the db and have changed the field visible from 0 to 1 in the hopes that would make it show when I try to set-up my payment gateway. But it still isn’t shown…

Clearly I am missing something and I’d appreciate some hint or help in getting my payment gateway set-up.


Sorry, the gateway isn’t yet supported in v5.

cc @david

Thanks… Well that puts my migration to V5 on hold for now… :wink:

Is there a roadmap / plan / time frame for when more payment gateways will be supported? In particular “Eway Rapid” of course :slight_smile:


eWay is definitely supported im v5 out of the box.

That is great to hear. Can you point me to any info on how to enable eWay in V5, please?

It should be available by default. When you go to Settings > Online Payments > Configure Gateways - do you see it from the drop down list as selectable?

So I go to Settings > Online Payments > Configure Gateways and I get an ‘empty’ screen. I then click on the + to add/configure a gateway and the list I get is fairly short and does NOT include any mention of eWay.

I am on version v5.3.55-C76 … docker image I am referencing is: invoiceninja/invoiceninja:5

@david sorry, my mistake. I’ve lost track of all the gateways we’ve added :slight_smile:

Worth noting I don’t see it listed in the demo but it is shown on


Which gateways do you see in the list? In the next version, i may run another migration to make these visible.


The following gateways are shown when I try to add / configure a new gateway on my install:

PayPal Express


If you set eway to visible in the database, then just clear your cache by running

/update?secret=secret in the browser

Thanks David
That worked…

Have hit other issues now and have decided instead of migrating from in4 in yunohost directly to in5 in docker, I’ll try a migration to in4 in docker first… hoping that is simpler.

Anyway, hitting an issue there as well… Will start a new thread about that if I can’t find anything after a search.