ACH payment through stripe doesn't show?

Customer paid through ACH from the client portal. InvoiceNinja shows nothing about the payment, not pending or paid. Other clients have paid with ach and they show up in payments just fine. Is this a one off or is there a concern I should look at? I can find nothing in logs of stripe or ninja about an issue.


@david do you have any suggestions to debug the issue?

Have you configured webhooks in Stripe?

Stripe has added live verifications into their ACH flow, and if they cannot verify in real time, they start a separate manual verification method, this takes the client out of invoice ninja and into Stripes flow where stripe sending a deposit code and the user uses a link to verify the bank account and also process payment.

If webhooks are not configured, Invoice NInja isn’t updated at all, and it sounds like this is what is happening here.

You can configure webhooks using this guide:

Other ach payments work fine. It was just this one. However in the payment details in stripe, I do see there was a bank verification for this transaction.

I’ll look over the web hook docs again.