ACH integration: Stripe warns against listening for all events

I use Stripe as my payment gateway, and in its settings I enabled ach. Invoice Ninja says I need to add a URL endpoint in the webhooks section of Stripe.

I did this, and it seems to be connected correctly, but Stipe warns me that the webhook is listening for all event types, that this is unnecessary, and that it may increase load on my servers.

However, it doesn’t say which events I can filter out, and which I need to keep. There’s nothing in Stripe’s knowledgebase that makes this clear, and Stipe chat support didn’t know what to do, either.

So my question is this: does it really matter that the endpoint is listening for all event types? I don’t have a huge volume of invoices going out – maybe a handful a month.

If it does matter, how to I filter these events?

The supported events are listed here: