Account management missing?

Since latest update the account management is missing under settings. Also, white label is no longer working.


The account management option is only visible if you log in as the account owner.

I’m not sure why the white label would stop working, which version did you upgrade from/to?

I am the account owner. I’m running on cloudron and have updates set to manual. I updated it last night from v5.5.36 to v5.5.37.

@david do you have any thoughts?

Also, I’ve always had access to the account management tab in the past.

Do you see the account management menu option, but just not the page?

I found the problem. My White Label subscription expired this morning which was problem “A”, Cloudron creates a user that doesn’t show up in the user list but is apparently the main admin. that was “problem B” It shows under that user but not under my user which is also an admin. Not sure what changed because my user is the user I used to install the license last year.

And to clarify, the account management menu option doesn’t show up under any user except for the user that cloudron sets up during app deployment. would like to be able to see it for my user as well. Since I am the Admin.

@david do you think admins should also have access to the account management settings?

Maybe we show the page but hide the purger and delete options?

@hillel that sounds reasonable

Would be nice to offer more granular control over permissions and access for users.

FYI guys, this user seems to have just renewed. My paid plan (hosted) is down at present even though I renewed several days ago.*
Could it be as simple as renewal processing issue?

  • see my own issue post today (4 Nov’22)