Account Confirmation not working

Once a user opens the link to confirm the account and setup a anew password. Submitting only reloads the page and clears the entries. Could not spot an error message nor was the password stored. Any ideas?


Are you referring to clients setting their password in the client portal?

@david any thoughts?

not sure, it sounds like an additional admin user is being added, and on password submission if it reloading? I haven’t seen this issue brought up before. My testing around this seems to be ok.

In the old invoice ninja we had one company (like the one that uses invoice ninja to write invoices) that I could not see. So in order to make this migratable I added a user to NI5 with the same name/password as the user in NI4 that was able to see the company.
The system then sends an email to this user to confirm, this is where the issue occured.