Access invoices directly through link?

Hi there!

On V4, we used to send the Client Portal link for the quote or invoice to the customer, they’d click on it, review it, then approve/pay it.

On V5, it seems to be enforced that the customer needs to register an account first?
Can that be disabled? I’d like to retain the original capability.

Your impression is incorrect. I’m on v5, have disabled the client portal, and still can use $view_button in mail templates. Works as expected.

My impression? Well, that’s a lovely way to put it.

But incidentally, deactivating the client portal did the trick. So, thanks, I guess?

Hi @markus

v5 works like v4, you can forward a magic link which will log the user in and display the invoice.

The magic link can be found in the UI under the contact tab of the invoice.