Accept Square + Stripe at the same time / International payment question

I want to accept payments from international clients and domestic clients however I can only specify one fee for Stripe in InvoiceNinja so if I specify the lower fee for domestic card payments and someone internationally wants to pay, the fee would be incorrect. Of course I could always charge the higher fee to cover all bases, but this isn’t fair on the client.

What would be your suggestion to accept payments internationally and domestically and have the fee adjust accordingly? Is this possible in invoiceninja at this time?

and an additional question to tie it in is…

Is it possible to enable Stripe and Square at the same time and have them show as different payment options?

When I tried to enable both, both reference themselves as “Credit Card” so only one option for credit card payment was shown in the client portal.

It would be great to have both set up and add custom labels in the client portal so when you click pay now, I could have two options such as Credit Card (Square 2.2%) and Credit Card (Stripe, 1.75% + 0.30)

I would then be able to point international users to use Square and domestic clients to use Stripe. This solution is not as elegant as having the fee automatically adjust but it’s one way I could do it.


One option may be to use two groups and add the gateway twice but remove one copy in each of the groups. You could then set the credit card fee at the group level.

@david any thoughts on the second question?

I think groups are the only option here to split the gateways. you can configure stripe twice once for “local” and once for international, you wouuld then just need to group your clients accordingly and they will be funnelled into the correct payment method.

Only one credit card gateway will ever be shown, the end user will never be aware of the actual gateway you’ve configured.