About to switch to Invoice Ninja Pro for rental properties

I am currently looking to switch to Invoice Ninja and use it along side with Zoho One.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help answer following questions

-When there is multiple invoices outstanding, can clients make lump sum payment via ACH?

This is main issue on why we wont use Zoho Invoice. I want to make payment frictionless and tenants not have to deal with multiple payments.

-Can clients subscribe to auto pay?

How does this work when there is utility charge? Could be different every month based on actual usage.

-What is the late fee rules look like? How diverse is it? Can it do rules such as, daily late fee of $10 and max of $100?

-I would also appreciate any advice or experience using Invoice Ninja for rentals.


Are you planning to use the hosted or self-hosted version? The post is tagged as self-hosted but the pro plan only applies to the hosted version.

The app supports paying for multiple invoices with a single payment.

The app supports auto-billing even if the amounts are different each month.

The app supports configuring a late fee amount or percent but doesn’t support setting a max amount. This can be configured in the app on Settings > Templates and Reminders by selecting a reminder template.

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Thanks! @hillel

You are right. We are exploring hosted version. Updated accordingly.

On the single payment, can you confirm this works for ACH payments using Forte, Authorize.net or any other low fee (less than a $1) ACH payment gateways?

My understanding with Zoho was that they cant combine one payment for mulitiple invoices due to some limitation with payment gateway.

I believe it’s supported for all payment types.

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