Ability to turn off autopay on auth dot net

i need the ability to not automatically charge stored cards on recurring invoices but still automatically generate the invoice. then allow the customer to manually make the payment themselves.

am i missing a setting somewhere?


You can set auto bill to disabled on Settings > Company Details > Defaults.

what is the behavior of all four options. i have it set to enabled by default. i thought this meant that the portal would have an option to set the auto-bill to be an option available in the client portal.

if i set it to disabled in the main company settings this is a blanket setting covering all, right?. does the “settings” under each customer allow at least me to set them for auto-bill, if the blanket setting is disabled?

If it’s enabled by default then the app would auto-bill recurring invoices but your client would have the ability to disable it in the client portal.

That’s correct, you can override the company setting at the group or client level.

i am not seeing that option when i go into the client portal. this is V5 self hosted

where is this setting supposed to be in the client portal?

This option is in the admin portal by the gateway settings, not the client portal.

so what is this? and where?

If the auto-bill setting is a ‘by default’ setting clients should see the option when viewing the recurring invoices in the client portal.

ok, well i have a bunch that are not set as default, yet they are getting charged automatically. is there some other “dummy” payment method that is supposed to be added? i am not seeing a way to make a single payment method “not default”

Can you check what the auto-bill setting is set to for the recurring invoice?

ok, i had those set to enabled. so i take it the settings priority go

#1 recurring
#2 customer setting
#3 company wide settings.

so if i blank out the setttings or leave blank on recurring and client settings then set company wide setting to enabled by default. the option will be there in the client portal recurring section? correct?

The default settings are used when you first create the recurring invoice, if you change the setting on the recurring invoice the option should appear in the client portal.