A couple of problems with self-hosting Invoice Ninja


Rather than creating a couple of posts I’ve assembled all my problems into one big post.

I’m on self-hosting version 4.5.16

  1. I can log into the iPhone app, even without the APP_SECRET line, but I can’t edit anything. Each time I’ve tried to edit an item and I click on save he doesn’t save anything. I’ve added the APP_SECRET line to the .env file but it doesn’t make any difference. I don’t even see why this exist if it isn’t needed by the app to log in.

  2. I’ve white labelled the app but I constantly see “Invoice Ninja” in the tab while I saw on the forum that normally that disappears once you white label the app. It doesn’t go away and no incognito mode doesn’t make any difference and I’ve find this “solution” not really a solution.

  3. I’ve created a subdomain for the app and it works fine but every time I click on a quote through the right side of the website (the shortcuts) he tries to go to the quote but because he adds one extra “/” the url doesn’t work. While clicking on a client through the shortcuts works great. For example I get this when clicking on a quote “//quotes/3”. If I remove the extra “/” it works fine

  4. I’m using the app in English but I have some clients in French and Dutch, while I read that normally the app sends the quotes/invoices in the language chosen for the client, mine doesn’t. He keeps sending everything in English. I’ve reset the invoice templates but it doesn’t make a difference.

  5. Is multi language possible for products? That would be a great feature to add if it isn’t!

  6. When creating a new user and sending an invite the user gets an email with 2 checkboxes to accept the terms but how can I change this? I want my website to appear with my terms and not Invoice Ninja his terms.

  7. Same as number 6 but then for “Accept cookies”

  8. Why do I need to fill in the .env AND the config/app.php. I’ve tested it and if I don’t fill in the config/app.php file it doesn’t make any difference. Why does that file needs to be filled in with the same data as the .env file if it doens’t make any difference?

  9. Can I change the words “subtotal” and “total” without creating a custom quote/invoice template? I rather have the EU version “Subtotal excl. VAT”, “Total incl. VAT”

I think I resumed it all maybe I forgot a problem or two but these are my main concerns for the moment.

Thanks for anyone who can help me with my problems!


  1. If you haven’t already I suggest deleting and then reinstalling the app. If the APP_SECRET is set in the .env file it’s required by the app, otherwise it isn’t.

  2. The branding should be removed from all client facing parts of the app, which page/URL exactly are you referring to?

  3. Can you check if there is a / at the end of APP_URL in the .env file

  4. Sorry, I’m not sure.

  5. Sorry, it isn’t supported. You’d need to create multiple versions of the product.

  6. You would need to modify the code.

  7. Same as #6.

  8. You shouldn’t edit config/app.php, any changes to that file will be overwritten when you update the app.

  9. You may be able to customize it on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Labels

Hey Hillel,

Thanks for the answers, here my remarks:

  1. Soooooo if I don’t fill this in I don’t need it? You didn’t answer my other question, why can I log into the app and see all like in the web app but each time I try to save my modifications he doesn’t do it.

  2. On each tab I see “Invoice Ninja” and I rather would like to see my company name or at least to see “Invoice Ninja” removed from the tab title

  3. That did the trick, thanks!

  4. Can’t I do anything about it? Why do I fill in a language when creating a client if he doesn’t send the quopte/invoice in the language of the client?

  5. Ok, will it be possible in the V2?

  6. Where can I do that?

  7. here can I do that?

  8. Ok, I’ve asked that because I saw on the forum that you suggested this to many users as a solution

  9. I’ll test it and let you know

  1. Sorry, not sure. Are you logging in as an admin?

  2. Please check if you see it when using incognito mode, it may be because you’re logged into the app.

  3. All I can suggest is try again to reset the templates/save the settings.

  4. Sorry, no

6\7) If you need development help we highly recommend this company: https://boldcompass.com/customize-invoice-ninja/