500: Server Error Ver 5.4.12

Hi Team,

I am facing 500 error all of sudden while logging in invoice ninja. I am using 5.4.12 version.

I have upgraded my database to 8.1 after the error.

Please see the error code below :

bool must be compatible with Egulias\EmailValidator\Validation\EmailValidation::isValid($email, Egulias\EmailValidator\EmailLexer $emailLexer) in /home/mydig100/invoices.DOMAINNAME/vendor/egulias/email-validator/src/Validation/MessageIDValidation.php on line 23


PHP 8.1 requires using the latest v5.5.x version of the app.

I am using 8.1

v5.4 only supports up to PHP 8, you’ll either need to upgrade to v5.5 or downgrade to PHP 8.

I faced an error when it was on version 8. I have downgraded again but the issue is still there…

@david any thoughts on the error?

I’m not sure on this. My guess is the .zip file did not unpack all files. You may want to delete the latest release and overwrite your files.

Well, I did not install the latest version. This happened without warning

Mate, is it a sarcastic comment?

Can you please help?

Just to confirm Invoice Ninja 5.4 needs either PHP 7.4 or 8.0

Invoice Ninja 5.5 needs PHP 8.1

Yes, I have PHP 8.0 and Ninja 5.4

If you have command line access, can you run composer update -o --no-dev

I so not but I can ask technical team if they can do it for me