500: Server Error - only in "Settings" section

Greetings, I am using 5.3.6 C58 in a sefl-hosted environment (our own dedicated server) and after dealing with some initial setup niggles, I have got Invoice Ninja working - sort of.

All sections are operational (Dashboard, Clients, Invoices, etc) as far as I can tell, but I’m having some issues in the “Settings” section where none of the information will save, triggering a 500 error, but leaving nothing in the logs

For eaxmple, “Settings”=>“Company Details” - any information entered here (VAT number, etc) will not save and just generates the 500 popup.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

In case it helps anyone, I tracked it down to 3 columns not found in the “companies” table:

  • use_comma_as_decimal_place
  • report_include_drafts
    I have no idea why these were not set up during the installation process, but adding them manually seems to have done the trick.

Have all of the database migrations been run?

cc @david


I think this may be the AP, i can reproduce this on self hosted shared hosting. The request headers look different.

using CURL i don’t generate the issue

I think a migration didn’t run as part of the update, you will want to run /update?secret= to force the migrations to complete.

Thank you, I will do that.