500 Server Error on Client Registration Page

Hello, I enabled the client portal and client registration.
When navigating to the client portal login page, it loads as expected. However, I get “500 — Server Error” when loading the client registration page.

I have cleared the laravel.log file and replicated the error. Below are the contents of the new log file.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


@david any thoughts?

Providing an update on this issue.
So I have gotten the registration page to work. I accomplished this by using the Mobile InvoiceNinja app on iOS.

I turned off the registration page from the iOS app, then turned it back on, and it worked.
However, none of the registration fields appeared (even though enabled).

I noticed, comparing the desktop view & mobile view on the registration page settings, that on desktop, it showed only a toggle to enable/disable certain registration fields. However, on mobile, there were dropdowns, to mark a field as either required, optional, or hidden.

Switching fields from required to hidden, then back to either optional or required, finally had them show up on the live registration page.

Not sure why these inconsistencies exist between Desktop & Mobile, and unsure if it is just me that had this issue, but may be worth looking into.
As for now, my problem is fixed!

Edit after further testing:

  • Making any sort of change on the desktop app to registration settings causes the 500 server error to reappear.
  • Mobile view on the desktop app/website does not show mobile-specific dropdowns as described earlier in registration settings.

The differences in the UI is probably caused by having slightly different version of the frontend. We don’t always update the apps all at once so they can sometime be out of feature sync for a bit.

You can check which version you’re using in the about dialog. If the version is v5.5.88-C109 it means the backend is v5.5.88 and the frontend is 5.0.109.

Makes sense, but it looks like all the versions are consistent. Why the difference in UI?
The Mac App: v5.5.94-M109
The Web App: v5.5.94-C109
The iOS App: v5.5.94-I109

Mac App and Web App cause this issue. Mobile (iOS at least) doesn’t.
Again, not a huge issue for me at least because I was able to get it to work…but still strange.

Thanks, it should be corrected in the next version. The same number app can be slightly different if it was built at a different time.

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Safe to assume that with the upcoming update to desktop/web UI that this glitch will also be fixed?

The latest UI should have a dropdown across all versions.

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UI has been updated across the different platforms. Issue is fixed! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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