500 Error when loading Delivery Note

I am currently installing and testing the self-hosted version V5 of invoice ninja
I currently have v5.1.70 installed

My current setup is Plesk Obsidian 18.0.35 and everything is working fine for the most part

when you create an invoice then click the View PDF the invoice is generated just fine however if you click on the square box to see the Delivery Note it’s giving a 500 error

from the log file
GET /api/v1/invoices/VolejRejNm/delivery_note?&per_page=999999 HTTP/1.0

I’m using phantomjscloud in the env file
this is the only thing I can not get to work

also is v5.1.70 production-ready and if not what version is best for a production environment


Thanks for reporting this!

@david any thoughts?

update I turned on debug

and now can see this error for it
500: The file “IIROd9ZI8iiAs0F0SW2Kh8mioXAgCm0ulCD9A5SCLbJWSZ9LafcPhYHI7URbcDnP/nal8Pruw2gEGGTb32vH0ucn9RbwNmSMbhqpThNOf/invoices/0002.pdf” does not exist

when I go into this directory the 0002.pdf is there

i don’t think that error refers to the delivery note as the delivery note file has _delivery_note appended to the name of the file.

this issue has been reported a couple of times but we cannot find the root cause of this yet.


I will let you guys figure it out for now I think my best and safest option is to take the hosted version from you guys just now to get me started then migrate to a self-hosted option later down the line

I Have the exact same issue here. Installation via Softacoulus in an shared hosting environment.
Everything else works as intended. If I look at the storage, there is nog delivery note pdf anywhere. I guess is it nog generated in any way.

Are you using the latest version?

@david do you have any thoughts?

I am tagging a new release shortly which should have some fixes for this.