5.3.93 Artisan Optimize File Permissions

invoiceninja/bootstrap/cache/ config.php and routes-v7.php get set to root:root after a ‘sudo php7.4 artisan optimize’. Wasn’t the case before and everything seems normal but the health check shows a warning. I can set the proper file permissions but they go back after another optimize. Should I be worried? Thanks!


@david can you please advise, should optimize be run as root?

command should be run as the webuser ie

sudo -u www-data php artisan optimize

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Thanks, that works but the behavior changed from before. This might be helpful to know for others. Cheers

I had this issue as well with routes v7 saying it wasn’t writable. This happened after updating to 5.3.93 which stuffed a variety of permissions. I had to set everything recursively as the web user as well as chmod things back recursively the way they should be. Now it’s fine.

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