5.0.93 desktop app update and PHP memory limit warning

I’ve updated the desktop app on my Mac and now there is a PHP memory limit warning in the health check section. I’m running the latest docker image at the time of this writing, ie. 5.5.22

Is this safe to ignore? Can I do anything about it or is there a fix coming in the next release?

Edit: I just noticed there is a newer version of the docker image, 5.5.23 — will try and test it out now.

Edit2: The memory limit warning is still there using the 5.5.23 docker image


@david should we hide this warning if docker is being used?


The memory limit ewarning can be removed from docker installations.


I’m not running inside Docker, and getting this as well (new warning since v5.5.22, and still receiving in v5.5.23-C93)…