404 - Not Found Error When Clients Try To View Their Payments

Have latest regular version from GitHub running in Docker on unRAID, not sure how long it has been happening, but only had someone complain recently that when viewing their payments through email link, they get this error. I can reproduce myself, no only link such as for invoice gives them problem and they can use that to navigate to payments section and view any payment just fine.

This is error line from log. - 07/Mar/2022:17:01:40 +0000 “GET /index.php” 404

This is link. “blahblah” is in in twice at notated spots.


@david any thoughts to debug?

Some webservers append the URI as a query parameter, but i don’t think that is the issue here, most likely your base URL is missing /public ?


When you say Base URL, is that the same thing as the APP_URL in the Docker settings and/or the Domain URL in the Client Portal Settings? Both are same thing, invoiceninja.mydomain.com


Yes, I am referring to the APP_URL constant in the env file.

what i am suggesting is you append public to the end of the url

That broke things. I still had the 404 error, but everything was gigantic picture wise.

Invoice viewing didn’t work either, things gigantic as well.