404 Error when trying to connect Android App to Self Hosted

I’m trying to get the mobile app up and running, because to be frank its a bit of a pain to login in a mobile browser and I’m running into a problem with setting up the app.

Found article (https://www.invoiceninja.com/forums/topic/android-app-setup-issue-with-self-hosted-v4-3-1/) and tried those steps. But when trying to use the API ping function to test if the system can detect the API_Secret I set, I get a 404 error. I also get a 404 error in the app.

Also when I go into my install of Invoice Ninja I can’t find an API folder.

Any advice? The previous thread didn’t have any more responses, I am running the current version of the mobile app and a current version of the self-hosted white label Invoice Ninja. I’d also really prefer not to have to reinstall if at all possible.


Maybe you need to add /public to the API URL.

Are you using Android or iPhone? We’ve recently released a beta of our new app available for Android devices.


I’m on android, and that beta app is the one I downloaded.

If you want to email to contact@invoiceninja.com the link you use to login to the web app and the link you’re using for the mobile app I can check if it looks correct.

Sent, subject line “Support Post #15220

Anything is fine, I handle most support emails.

It works very well when added /public

If it works when you add /public to the url, you might want to check your server settings and make sure DocumentRoot and whatnot are pointing to /your/invoiceninja/folder/public instead of /your/invoiceninja/folder