403 forbidden

Last week setup Invoice Ninja on a subdomain without problems.
Making invoices, no problem.

Today, try login in my self-hosted Invoice Ninja website.
But i can’t connect to the website:

403 Forbidden
You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Few days ago all works good!

Asked the hosting company. The answer: there is no index.php or index.html.

I’m looking, and indeed no index-file is present on the hosting root (subdomain) directory.

How can i solve this?

Not sure, there should be an index.php file in the /public folder.


Hi Hillel Coren,

Yes in the …/public/ folder.
But not in the webroot :frowning:

Very strange :confused:

That almost sounds like your apache/nginx/whatever configuration got altered, and is no longer pointing to /ninja/public/ as the web root?

Hmm, okay i asked again to the hosting company.

Hi guys,

Found it!!!

It was very stupid from me.

I typed always: https://invoice.mydomain.be/

But it is: https://invoice.mydomain.be/public/

So happy it works now :slight_smile:

Great to hear it!

You may be able to remove /public from the URL by un-commenting this line of code:


Hi Hillel Coren,

Thx,ok good to know :slight_smile:
I try it!