4.5.48 to 5.3.48 - Mostly smooth, but with a few outstanding issues and wish list items

Hi, and thanks for the great software. I was a big fan of v4 and it really simplified my business, and v5 is also looking good. I’d say the most difficult part of the migration was actually just changing over the email templates (which had several changed variable names), so overall not bad at all. I’ve encountered a few issues though I was hoping to get some help on resolving.

  • When browsing the client portal in Firefox, invoice PDFs auto-download instead of showing in an inline viewer.
  • There is no way to generate a statement from the admin side that I can find for an arbitrary date range. You can do this from the client portal, but not admin (which only has “This quarter”, “Last month”, etc… My main use of statements is to show clients any outstanding invoices they have from any time period, so now in order to do this I have to go to the client portal, set a large date range, and download from there. Is there a smoother way to do this?
  • The client portal login image is left-aligned - any way to center? (I know, minor)
  • I tried setting up a specific subdomain for the client portal, but that subdomain just ended up loading the main admin login as normal unless you added /client. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the feature though, or I’ve done something wrong. I ended up turning this back off for now.
  • Intermittently when setting up clients, I’ve been getting an error message that says “invalid data received: Password strength”. Clearing passwords out of the text fields seems to fix this.
  • When adding a new contact to a client, if the “add to invoices” toggle is turned off at the last step before saving, sometimes a blank contact is created instead of using the entered data.
  • Is there a way to auto send new clients a “set up your account” email to avoid having to do the password reset step?
  • Having the client/entity switcher at the top of the screen is great for my clients with multiple billable entities - they love it! However, is there any way this can be changed, so that before you click the dropdown menu, it also shows the client’s name - not just my company’s name? (It does show both once in the dropdown).

I use stripe for payments, mainly via ACH, and I’ve found some friction that wasn’t there in previous versions. Below are all about ACH.

  • Deleting an ACH source in the client portal doesn’t seem to delete it from Stripe (This has happened twice) . Then if a client tries to re-add the same account they get an error that the account already exists.
  • When setting up ACH for the first time, it is not necessary for client to enter Country or Currency in my installation, as they’re all US/USD. Is it possible to set these from the admin side and hide the fields?
  • When setting up a bank account for ACH, the instructions for how verification works (wait 2-3 days, check account for deposits, etc) are no longer displayed - you’re taken directly to an “enter verification amounts” screen after entering the account details, which is really confusing my clients. Is it possible to send them instead to a confirmation message explaining it and to come back later when they have the amounts?
  • On the verification amounts screen itself, it also lists pennies/pence/cents, which is confusing some of my clients again (a couple of calls for “What’s a pence and how many do I verify?”). This one is minor and would probably be negated by instructions on the page too.
  • When verification has been started, there doesn’t seem to be a “complete verification” option on the payment methods page for a bank account. The only way to get back to it is by paying an invoice. Can this be added like in v4, shown next to the payment method with pending verification?
  • Regarding auto billing with ACH, is there a way to set up a specific client’s invoices to auto bill by default? (Not just recurring invoices, but all)
  • In v4, there was an auto lookup of routing number to bank name, which seemed to help with validation as it gave clients confirmation of a correct entry. This doesn’t seem to be there in v5. Is there a setting I can turn on for that? As a wishlist item, this would also be nice to show on the payment methods page.
  • In v4, there was also a “confirm account number” field for ACH setup. Is that a setting I can turn on as well?
  • This one is more of just a wish list item, but it would be nice to have a way to bill an invoice to an on-file payment method from the admin panel, to avoid the extra clicks of going in to the client panel for people who call in and say “just charge my card”/etc.
  • Is there a way to configure minimum under-payment amount as a percentage, rather than as a fixed amount?

And one more question:

  • Do endless reminders send after all other reminders have sent, then endlessly, or do they start at the same time as the other reminders?

Sorry for unloading everything at once, it’s been a busy couple of days and I was wanting to write all this out while it was fresh in my memory. Thanks again.

  • Auto download vs. inline viewing in Firefox is a browser setting, not an IN issue. Google “auto download pdf firefox”
  • AFAIK the client portal domain feature works for hosted, but not for self-hosted. @david

Thanks for the Firefox setting - just checked that and changed it. However, it seems that only results in the PDFs opening in a new tab, they’re still not embedding/displaying inline for some reason.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

cc @david @ben

  • I also believe the Firefox issue may be a browser setting
  • Can you explain what you mean by “Clearing passwords out of the text fields seems to fix this.”, which field are you referring to?
  • Endless reminders should send after the normal reminders complete


Thanks the client portal issue i have in my backlog.

  • I’ll try it with a stock Firefox install tomorrow, but I know the issue does reproduce in incognito with extensions disabled. I looked through there quite a bit, and I didn’t see anything that would be preventing inline/iframe PDFs, while still allowing PDF viewing in a standalone tab.
  • It seems to have something to do with the passwords that migrated from v4 for contacts that existed at the time of migration. In order to save some clients when editing them or adding a contact, I have to remove the contents of the password field for the previously existing contact. It’s weirdly intermittent though.