[3.5.1] Japanese characters are corrupted in PDF

like bellow.

I tried to change the other fonts which I imported and tried to setup to other OS(CentOS7), but still its corrupted.Is this a bug or it can fix in changing settings?

  • InvoiceNinja v3.5.1
  • Ubuntu 17.04/CentOS 1611

Just to clarify, are you saying you tried a custom font and saw the same results?


Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, I tried to fix using a custom font because Zabbix has a similar bug in Japanese characters and that solution is to change the font.So I thought InvoiceNinja also can fix with custom font, but it couldn’t.

It’s possible upgrading to v3.6 will help, we’ve updated to the latest version of pdfmake.

It works correctly with v3.6! Japanese characters aren’t corrupted.
Thank you so much!

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!