Zapier to Google Drive question

I’m new to Zapier, and having some trouble.

I’d like to create a Zapier formula which exports PDFs of new invoices into my Google Drive file system. I’d like Zapier to save these PDFs into folders created/named the same as the client’s name and titled as the date of the invoices creation.

For example, for an invoice created 1/1/19 for client named “Tommys” I’d like Zapier to produce a file named 01012019.pdf within a file structure Google Drive/invoices/Tommys/01012019.pdf

I need folders to be generated from every new Client added.

Is this possible with Zapier? Or does a better solution exist?

I’m not sure, we support accessing the invoice PDF.

I’d suggest contacting Zapier support for help.

Hey Spew120,

I just checked Zapier. First part is easy, Zapier can create a folder on your Google Drive named after your client’s ID (or any other invoice variable). Only the ID is available because that’s what’s stored in the invoice, and because the client’s name is stored on a different database table. Converting the client ID to the actual client name would involve adding another step on Zapier to do such a lookup - if that’s possible at all with Zapier, but I believe it is.

Hillel says that accessing the PDF is supported. Zapier says that you can send raw data to upload to Google Drive, or you can reference a public URL. The file can also be renamed by Zapier to match your structure.

So… I think your plan will work just fine.