Zapier Set up Invoice Ninja client missing fields

I want to use Invoice Ninja with Zapier (and Formidable Pro).

I set it up but I’m missing some fields. The Zapier Invoice Ninja action to setup a new client only has the fields: email, client name, first name, last name and phone.

But the Fiscal Authority (in the Netherlands) require on invoices the inclusion of adress details too.

So I’m missing the fields:
postal code

and if you want to be complete also country.

Hope you get it in soon.

I’ll look into adding the fields.

I’ve added more fields when creating a client in Zapier.

The country field is a bit complicated as it expects an Invoice Ninja country id, we’ll look into supporting this in the future.

Awesome, how fast it is implemented. I’m impressed. I tested it and it works! Very nice integration.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!