Zapier problem with PDF attachment


I am using Invoice Ninja v4.5.3 on my own server and everything works fine and the pdf invoices are displayed correctly.

The problem occurs in Zapier when I try to access the pdf of an invoice to send it by email at the moment that it is indicated that the payment has taken place.

With the action “Find Invoice in Invoice Ninja” if I choose “Yes” in “Include PDF” it shows me the following error message:

While requesting “dev_method” from Invoice Ninja we ran into an error: Got 400 - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> MalformedPOSTRequestThe body of your POST request is not well-formed multipart/form-data.B77ACC5AEB129736long string here

When I configure the action of sending an email via Mailgun there is the “Attachment” option, which allows me to choose the fields from the “Find Invoice in Invoice Ninja” action:

PDF: No content
Filename: Text string only

Could someone with a similar problem help me please?

Thanks a lot.


Does the test link work on Settings > Email Settings?

The problem may be related to PhantomJS

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, the test works correctly and generates a pdf file.

Hello, has someone with the same problem solved it? Thank you