Zapier - Possible to Allow an option to "include" child relationships in the response?

I am using zapier to notify me about new payments and subsequently update throughout my workflows. It would be helpful if it was possible to use the “includes” for child relationships when making a call or a trigger.

If there was an option in the zap to include certain child relationships, even just a comma-dilimeted text input, that would prevent the need to make several calls at once just to get read data.


It’s an interesting idea but I’m not sure we can support it.

If there is specific child data you’d like included please let us know and we’ll try to add it.

Yes - mainly need it for the payments trigger to return client and invoice data.

We’re working to include the invoice data with payments.

@david can we also include the client data?

yep. this is easy enough. i’ll add it in for payments… anything else?

Please also add the client to invoices/quotes if it isn’t already there.

Is this an update on this request?

@hillel I just tested this out on zapier and it looks like the api response has now changed and included the children. It would be helpful to know when this was updated so I can update my processes because now it is broken.

But I am running into an issue when I load a payment response, it still doesn’t have the children relationships or the new “new payment” payload. But my zap is throwing an error because of the new payload.

See screenshots.

One option is to use the invoice_id to look up the invoice.