Zapier linking fine to V5 but not sending clients on test or finding client ID

Hi there.

I just migrated to V5 from V4, and I’m trying to recreate the working Zaps we had set up between Calendly and V4 that:

  1. filtered by Calendly session name
  2. created client if one didn’t exist
  3. created an invoice for the session for that client

The first two steps are validating in Zapier but ISSUE #1 the new client isn’t showing up in V5.

Then, ISSUE #2 the third step is failing because
The app returned "The selected client id is invalid.".

I have no idea how to resolve ISSUE #1 (I’ve cleared cache, force reset and am getting nowhere) which is really frustrating because it means I can’t troubleshoot step 3.

Regarding ISSUE #2, I’ve tried every possible ID generated by the client information in step 2 but I keep getting the error above.

Please help, I’m tearing my hair out over here.


If you can send sample data in/out from the Zapier logs I can try to help debug the problem.

Thanks Hillel.

I’ll attach the logs in a minute, but in the meantime, which of the four IDs (screenshots attached) am I supposed to be using for the field Client ID (The ID of the client, not the name or email address)?

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 15.06.53 Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 15.07.14

Correct, you want to use the client’s id.

If you have their email you can use a find client step to resolve to a client id.

I know, the problem is I don’t know which ID to use — there are 4 fields labelled ID up there.

I’ve tried each of them and none worked, but if you know which one I should be using at least I can rule out user error (i.e. I’m requesting the wrong data) for that step.

I’m waiting on the logs to download, but in the meantime I just discovered one of the issues, and it seems to be a Zapier thing. The first 4 steps of the Zap ran fine (see screenshot below), but the client information in the Data Out field isn’t the same as the information in the Data In field — it seems to be pulling data from an earlier test client and resending it, no matter what input data was. I’ll take that up with Zapier in the meantime, but I’d still appreciate an answer on the CLIENT ID question I had above.

If that’s the response from the create/find client step the field to use is labeled ‘Id’