Zapier invoiceninja app is now "invite-only", all zaps fail. No new version available

Today my zaps in Zapier started failing due to this error:
“This step is using an invite-only app that you do not have access to. Please contact your account owner or Invoice Ninja (Legacy) to request access.”

Trying to find a “non-legacy” Zapier app doesn’t produce any results, search terms “invoiceninja”, “invoice”, or “ninja” only bring up the old legacy app which we have been using and which now stopped working.

Our workflow is broken, this is urgent. Please advice.


The v4 Zapier integration is no longer supported but the v5 integration is available here:

Understood, we have already migrated to v5 and all looks good in the web app. However, how do I update my zaps? In Zapier, there is no way to choose any version. There’s one invoiceninja Zapier app and it doesn’t work anymore.

I’m not sure, you should just need to recreate any zaps using the current integration.

Are you seeing a specific error?

Ok I think I figured it out. The zap has to be completely recreated, the existing zap cannot be adjusted.

I also have to completely recreate the zaps, lot of work and testing again… But one thing I can’t figure out: I am using a Zap to create a new quote and want the date to be set on today, but when I leave the field ‘date’ blank, no date at all is set in the created quote?

Thanks for reporting this!

@david can you please check that the quote date is always set if it’s left blank.

Same issue for ‘tax’: if it’s left blank in the zap no VAT is charged on the quote

@hillel :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: for date.

You would need to specify the tax in the zap for it to be applied.

Hi David,

Issue is still there. Or are you still working on it?


The hosted platform is updated on Sundays, so it should be visible then.