Zapier integration

I will need to create some invoices at a specific time (00:00, in the first day of each month) automatically using Zapier service.

I will have 100-200 invoices that will be created at the same time, so won’t this be a problem and mess things up? I mean the high number of invoices that creates at the same time.

Thank you.

If the request are sent sequentially it shouldn’t be a problem.

If the requests are all sent at the same time and a single client has more than one invoice it could potentially cause an issue.

One client, one invoice. But there are all sent in the same time as there will be one zap for each invoice.

Are you using our hosted or self host platform?

If you’re able to send the requests sequentially you’ll be better off, I could see a large number of concurrent requests being a problem.

I’m using your hosted platform.
I will have to figure out a solution for this in this case.
Thank you.