Zapier & Google Calendar

I would like to be able to create a zap that creates a google calendar event when an invoice is created. I was able to do so, but these two key items didn’t populate as options to pull information from on the invoice

  1. Location: street address, city, state (customer address on invoice)
  2. Attendee (customer’s email address)

If there was a way to just pull the city alone also so I could add that in my summary area I’d love that as well. I use that information at a quick glance to know where my deliveries are each day.

Am I doing something incorrectly? It seems the customer information would be pulling over into Zapier but nothing at all comes up, include name or contact info.

Thank you! (I’m brand new, so forgive my learning curve)

One option may be to add a search step to look up the client details