Your account is not registered, this will permanently erase your data.

After doing the latest upgrade(s) I am getting this error when I log out: “Your account is not registered, this will permanently erase your data.”
After backing up my data, both from the admin and sql, I logged out and nothing bad seems to have happened.
Ok, not so bad…
The show stopper is when I try to email an invoice out, I get this error: “Please sign up to email an invoice”
I can save as draft, I can mark it sent, I just can’t actually send it from the invoice page.

I’ve also been seeing javascript errors like “ReferenceError: showPasswordStrength is not defined” which stops me from marking recurring invoices as ready.

I’ve been running the old update script as a cronjob (with a curl request to /update after) and when I noticed that my installation had crapped out I tried composer install which did fixed the error message (I guess it deleted that compiled.php file). Could that be the issue? How can I get this fixed?

What do you see if you load /update

Successfully completed update - See what’s new in v4.4.2
Cache cleared

… I’m at a loss…
I manually hit the /update url before posting this and received the same success message, I just ran it again so I could copy paste it in my above reply. However it seems this time it seemed to have fixed things.
I can send invoices, logout, and mark recurring active.

Thanks for the reply!

Glad to hear it’s working!

It’s possible the migrations hadn’t run which loading /update would have fixed.