Wrong Return-Path

Invoices sent by email use a wrong return path, which is not configured by me.
I found the wrong address under “bootstrap/cache/config.php” and for a user in another company.

How to make sure that the correct return path is used for mails?


You can check the APP_URL value in the .env file is correct and then either run php artisan optimize or load /update?secret= to clear the cache.

Thanks @hillel,
realy, in “.env” there was indeed the wrong entry for “MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS”. But why is this used and not what is in the backend under “Settings → Email settings → Reply email address” or what is the function of the setting in the backend?

The from and reply to addresses are both used when sending emails.

The from address needs to be predefined however the reply to can be set to any value.

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