Wrong invoice design by mail

If you open an invoice in the customer center, the individual design is also displayed. However, the automatically sent mail of a recurring invoice contains a PDF in the wrong design.


@david do you have any thoughts?

is the recurring invoice design the default one?

That was also my thought, but where do I find the place where the default is defined?

In the only place I found something is the right design selected:


@hillel @david
If I create a new invoice, the correct (own) design is also loaded. But for recurring invoices a default design is loaded.

Where can I change the invoice design for recurring invoices?

In The recurring invoice, under the settings tab, you can set the design there.

I can’t find any “Settings” in the “Recurring invoices” section. Only the list of recurring invoices is visible.
Where exactly can the design for recurring invoices be defined as default?

If I create a new recurring invoice, the custom design will be used.
But all migrated recurring invoices use the default design.

How can I change the design for all migrated (105 pieces) recurring invoices?


You’d need to update the database manually. Find the design id in the database and then run a SQL command.

UPDATE recurring_invoices SET design_id=1;

replacing 1 with the ID of your design. This will change all recurring invoices to that design.

If you prefer to use tinker, from the command line.

php artisan tinker

RecurringInvoice::query()->update(['design_id' => 1]);
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thank you, I assume that the next automatic dispatch will use the correct design.


That is correct!!