Work on a task with multiple users


I am a new user running v4.3.1 self-hosted.

How can I work on a task with multiple users and report the activity per user?

What I do:
(1) user1 creates task A
(2) user2 starts working on the task
(3) user1 runs a report: type=task, group=day, subgroup=user
What I expect:
A report that shows the activity of user 2 on task A.
What I get:
A reports that shows that user1 (the creator of the task) worked on task A while user1 never worked on it. User2 did.

Is this what is supposed to happen?

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Thank you for your reply. In choosing a report, what does the subgroup ‘User’ refer to then?

It will show the user who created the task.