Windows app and Self Hosting

Hi Everybody, I downloaded the Windows v5 with ease but when trying to login to my self hosted site I got this error…

Error :: ‘[client, {columns: [name, address1, state, postal_code, phone, contact_email,…’ to ‘BuiltMap<String, ReportSettingsEntity>’ failed due to: Deserializing ‘[columns, [name, address1, state, postal_code, phone, contact_email, balance,…’ to ‘ReportSettingsEntity’ failed due to: Tried to construct class “ReportSettingsEntity” with null field “sortTotalsIndex”. This is forbidden; to allow it, mark “sortTotalsIndex” with @nullable.

Can anyone provide some assistance. Thanks.


Are you able to log into the web and mobile apps?

Yes. Working perfectly.

There’s a new version of the Windows app pending review, it may help.

If it doesn’t we’ll work to correct this in the next release.