Windows app always opens the first client alphabetically

Is there a reason / setting causing the invoiceninja windows app to always open the client page of the first client (alphabetical order) when I open the app? I want it to go to the dashboard instead of auto opening this one client each time.


I think this is a bug, the app should open to the last screen you were on.

It may help to turn the local cache feature on Settings > Device Settings off and then on. Please let me know if this doesn’t solve the problem.

I had cache data disabled under device settings. I just enabled it, and for now it seems that it’s no longer opening back to that one client each time on app load… however if it comes back I will update the thread. Currently when I open the Windows app, it goes to the Clients page (with no client selected) instead of dashboard.

Also, under Invoices it is always opening to All invoices
I want it to open to Draft, Partial, Unpaid, Past Due instead of opening all invoices – is it possible to do

The app should remember the filters, does it work using the Flutter web app?

Note: after making a change you need to wait a few seconds before the change is stored to disk.

It’s not remembering filters in both the Flutter web app & windows desktop.
The react web app does remember filters however.

Also, the bug with the Windows desktop app opening the first client alphabetically is back. It appears that after I close the Windows app, put my PC to sleep, then came back a few hours later and opened invoiceninja, it opened that client’s page. Was able to replicate.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Do you see any messages in the browser console when loading the Flutter web app?

Yes, these two errors regarding canvaskit.js

wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘compile’ on ‘WebAssembly’: Incorrect response MIME type. Expected ‘application/wasm’. canvaskit.js:95
falling back to ArrayBuffer instantiation. canvaskit.js:95

Are there any other messages, those errors can be ignored.

No other console errors.
I was able to replicate the problems on other installations by the way.

Are there any messages in the console?

Also, does logging out and then back in help?

Logout / login does not make a difference

Ok, thanks.

I’ve made a small change, the app should load the dashboard rather than the client list by default. This will be corrected in the next release, I’m not sure yet why the state isn’t saving/loading, I’ll add some debugging in the next version.

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