Will v4.x be maintained for any period of time?

Now that v5.x is stable, I was looking to use that instead.

However the blocker is PDF generation. It seems that to generate PDFs in v5.x you either need to use the remote PhantomJS service or install Chrome.

Neither of which are currently an option for me, so unless I can find some sort of workaround (I’ll post a separate post in the v5.x forum re that), I’ll need to stick with v4.x for now (or drop Invoice Ninja altogether).

As such, I’m curious how long (if at all) the v4.x release will be maintained?


We’ll continue fix security issues in v4 but most of our focus is on v5.

Thanks for the info. That’s great to hear.

Having said that, I understand that maintaining 2 separate codebases for the same project is not a long term sustainable scenario (even if security only). And as such I would also assume that at some point PHP comparability will be problematic (i.e. at some point the current v4.x code will only be fully compatible with PHP EOL releases). As such I assume that there will be some sort of sunset of this “security only” support too?

Assuming that’s how things go, it’d be great to know in advance (ideally ASAP) when the security support is slated to end. I’m not clear on the development team and/or cycle of InvoiceNinja, but if I could humbly suggest that you discuss this internally and declare a plan. Obviously things change, so it wouldn’t be cast in concrete, but more as an “anticipated best effort guesstimate”.

I imagine that would be useful info for users (such as myself) appraising the best path forward.

Regardless, good work on building such a great open source product, that appears to be (deservedly) getting a fair bit of traction! :+1:

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We can’t provide an exact date however we’d like our users to upgrade to v5 as soon as possible.

Support for PHP 7.3 ends soon…


For sure.

Although, it’s worth noting that whilst it will be EOL via PHP upstream, it won’t necessarily be universally unmaintained. E.g. Debian Buster, which includes PHP 7.3 is supported until June, 2024.

Regardless, I get it. Thanks.