Will a new Bitnami version be created?

Invoice Ninja has disappeared from the Bitnami site.

Looking through the IN support forum, I see the last mention of problems with Bitnami were late last month at the upgrade to a new version of IN. In that comment, the Key Master says that Bitnami takes a little more than a week to get the updated version up and then says there was the need for some special patches that was taking longer than expected.

However, it is now a month later and there have been no comments in this forum or elsewhere as to what is going on with Bitnami.

I was planning to do a first install of the latest version using Bitnami. Should I make alternate plans?

  1. Will Bitnami continued to be “supported?”
  2. If so, what is the date for availability of the latest IN version Bitnami?


Sorry, Bitnami is no longer supported.

I have a question about this as well. I have invoice ninja on my home server using bitnami, I have paid for the white label and I am really happy with it. If I setup a VPS with say digital ocean or amazon s3 would it be possible to transfer my setup including the license for the white label over to the new install?

You’ll want to use MySQL dump to copy over your database and make sure to bring over the .env file.

You can use the following link to reapply your white label license.